Easy To Use, Intuitive Helpdesk

Streamline all of your customer correspondence into one easy-to-use portal with Helpdesk. Poor customer service is hard to forget. Providing a great post-purchase experience can often prove the difference between customers making a purchase, and customers opting to go with your competitors instead.

We have developed our software to ensure your business has industry-leading efficiency, and that the handling of issues and queries from customers is as quick and thorough as it can be.

Despatch Cloud Helpdesk Presentation

Download Helpdesk Presentation

Don’t waste time manually sifting through different systems checking for queries, let Helpdesk automatically bring them to you in one easy-to-use dashboard.

No matter how many channels or marketplaces you are selling on, our commumication management system consolidates all of your customer innteractionn, whether it’s via social media accounts, emails, over the phone or through you website.

Have a clear view of all your correspondence, allowing staff to filter through and manage tickets easily and efficiently.

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To learn more about our Helpdesk software, download our Helpdesk presentation using the link below or book a demo with a member of our team and discuss your business requirements.