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A single API to control your entire
Shipping and Courier management

Seamlessly connect with 100+ couriers, automate label creation, milestone tracking emails,
returns, and more—all with a click of a button.
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Let Matt tell you about Shipping:

Shipping is the perfect solution for you if you are looking for complete control & flexibility in your delivery & courier management. Access over 1000+ courier services, automate courier selection and print labels at lightning-fast speed. Whether it’s via our customer-facing portal or integrated into your existing ERP or WMS our solution is fully customisable to fit your requirements.

Hear from our founder Matt, on why Shipping may be the perfect solution for you.

Trusted by over 3,000+ teams

Automate with Smart Shipping rules

Automates courier selection to ensure they get the best courier at the best rates.

Reduce WISMO enquiries

Reduced WISMO enquiries with milestone notifications to free up your team.

Removed the cost of maintaining API connections.

Removed the dependency on developers to produce and maintain Courier API connections.

Access to 120+ global couriers​​

China’s largest retailer connects to our global network of over 120 couriers.

See our Shipping API software in action!

 width=  Ship Smarter

Use smart rules to automatically assign couriers to specific orders, ensuring you get the best courier for the job every time.

  Streamline Workflows
Keep everything under one roof with an user-friendly dashboard, giving you full control and visibility of your operations.
  Grow Your Business
Build with scalability and adaptability in mind, Shipping offers different features and plans for every stage of your growth.
  Go Global, Fast
Secure the best courier rates and ship globally leveraging our extensive network of 120+ courier partners.
  Reduce Support Inquiries

No more WISMOs clogging up your channels. With Shipping, you can set up tracking updates to be automatically sent to your customers, keeping them informed at all times.

  Strengthen Your Brand
A built-in template builder allowing to fully customise your customer notifications for a memorable post-purchase experience.

What our clients say?

“What stood out to us is Despatch Cloud’s eCommerce Logistics Comparison Engine. It compares various alternatives of shipping eCommerce goods with multiple suppliers: from shipping options, the VATs and custom taxes as well as the final mile delivery vendors in the destination country.”

Daniel Cohen

General Manager – CEO of Excelot

Shipping Features

Access to a Wide Range of Couriers

Whether making 1000 shipments a month or 100,000, our system has been built to provide a unified connection to over 100 of the best-in-the-business couriers.  Through our self-service portal, we put the power in your hands to adapt swiftly to the evolving landscape of fulfilment. With just a click, you can switch couriers, saving valuable time and resources.

Shipping and Return Labels in an Instant

Labelling should be simple. Our technology reduces errors by using intelligent address formatting. This means every address is checked before it leaves the warehouse to make sure it is suitable to reach its destination.

Whether printing for one label or bulk ordering, we have you covered. Our bulk order processing feature can print labels for multiple orders in one go and get your orders ready with speed.

Reduce WISMO with Branded
Tracking Notifications

Did you know it costs between £4-6 per WISMO enquiry? With our milestone notifications you can keep your customers in the loop with tracking pages and messages that match your brand and drive sales forward. 

A simple and effective way to boost customer loyalty and reduce WISMO queries, and now it is easier than ever. With our fully customisable template builder, all it takes is a few clicks to set up!

Ship Smart, Not Hard.

Still manually selecting your couriers? With Despatch Cloud Shipping, you can say goodbye to that hassle. Our platform allows you to automate courier selection by creating rules based on various parameters such as parcel size, destination, parcel value, and more. Shipping made simple.

Security Against Courier Outage

We provide the business owner with complete control over their distribution channels, allowing you to pick and choose from any of our couriers that are appropriate for your job. This acts as a huge insurance policy against courier outages. A courier you chose suddenly can’t deliver your parcel? Our system will automatically pick the next best service, meaning no time is wasted in the delivery of your product.

This one of a kind service will save your company time and money by letting you pick and choose courier based on price and convenience.

Customise Your Own Shipping Rules

Our multi-carrier shipping platform allows you to customise every aspect of your shipping operations. Every business is unique, and that is why we have developed a system that gives you the opportunity to make individual choices in your shipping. From parcel size to location, date and more, you are in control of which couriers you designate to which jobs.

Save Developer Resource and Time

Our simple, single-format REST API integration makes it easy to integrate your application into our Shipping platform. Once you’ve registered with us, our team takes care of maintaining the API connection to your chosen couriers, simplifying the integration process and helping you save thousands in development work

Shipping Pricing

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Don’t take our word for it!

Here’s what actual Despatch Cloud customers have to say about our tool:

Despatch cloud literally changed my business!! After being stuck at 10 working days dispatch for months we got down to 3 working days in just 2 weeks using despatch cloud! The team are incredible! It’s a fully worthy Investment for your business!

Fantastic piece of software that streamlines the whole e-commerce progress. Orders are available straight away on Despatch cloud, saving time and subsequently massively improving efficiency..

Is Shipping the Right Solution for Your Business?


If you need to connect to your sales channels:

Shipping offers comprehensive shipping and courier management functionality. It isn’t designed to handle connection to sales channels or marketplaces.
Warehousing Demo


If you need warehouse management:

Shipping was made for businesses that already have an warehouse management system in place, and simply want to connect to a wider range of couriers in a more efficient way. If you don’t have a WMS, but still want our Shipping functionality, try our warehousing solution.


To understand a Shipping API, you first need to know that an application program interface (API) is code that allows different web applications to communicate and exchange data.

A shipping API integrates and customises shipping capabilities within your existing tech stack, enabling seamless communication and functionality across various applications. These might include:

  • Ecommerce website
  • Warehouse management system (WMS)
  • Order management system (OMS)
  • Enterprise resource planning system (ERP)

For example, when someone places an order on your website, instead of using a separate application to compare couriers and print labels, the shipping API retrieves and displays this information in the relevant application. This integration streamlines the process, allowing you to manage shipping tasks within your current platform.

Shipping APIs operate in the background of the applications they integrate with, functioning as a bridge between your ecommerce platform and external servers. They pull data from these servers, translate it, and display the relevant information within your platform.

One common type of shipping API is the REST API. When your ecommerce site needs information, it sends a request to an external server via the API. The API then retrieves the information and responds by displaying it on your site.

Think of it like this: you’re in a foreign country and need to communicate with someone who doesn’t speak your language. You’d rely on a translator to convey your request and translate the response back to you. In this analogy, the API acts as the translator.

Shipping APIs come with comprehensive documentation to assist developers in integrating and fully utilising the API. This documentation typically includes:

  • How the API interacts with other applications
  • The process for requesting and retrieving information
  • Request frequency limits
  • Other essential details for effective use

Increase Shipping Efficiency

The phrase “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” applies to shipping as well. Relying on a single carrier can be inefficient and costly, as each carrier calculates shipping costs based on factors like size, weight, distance, and delivery time.

Our Shipping API automates the process of selecting the optimal carrier for each order. Whether you need the lowest cost option or the fastest delivery, the API ensures the best choice is made based on your criteria. This automation speeds up the fulfilment process and saves your business time and money.

Shipment Tracking

Customers expect to track their orders, with many checking the status multiple times during transit. Without tracking, customer service teams can quickly become overwhelmed with inquiries.

Address Validation

Human errors, such as typos in addresses, are inevitable when customers fill out their information on your ecommerce site. These errors can be costly, not just in terms of reprinting shipping labels, but also in labor costs for reprocessing orders, handling returns, and potentially losing future revenue due to poor customer experiences.

With Despatch Cloud’s Shipping API, address validation is seamlessly integrated with your ecommerce store. When a customer enters their address at checkout, the API automatically verifies the address against a database to ensure its accuracy. This reduces human error, saves money, and enhances the customer experience by preventing delivery issues.

Despatch Cloud’s Shipping API includes branded shipment tracking notifications, keeping customers informed throughout the delivery process. This feature ensures timely updates and reduces the need for manual responses, enhancing the post-purchase experience and maintains customer satisfaction.

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