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A single API to access the worlds marketplaces.

Our Channels solution connects brands and retailers to marketplaces and online sales channels worldwide.
Maximise your sales, simplify operations, and boost revenue.

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Channels is right for you if:

So you’ve got a great product? Now it’s time to share it with the world. Open up your sales avenues by using Despatch Cloud’s Channels, a Multi-Channel Marketplace API solution that offers access to the world’s leading marketplaces and eCommerce platforms.

With Channels, you can integrate with over 80 established sales channels, making your eCommerce business as visible as it can be. By consolidating all of your orders across all of your channels in one place, you’ll never miss out on a customer.
Let our Founder Matt, explain you all the reasons why channels may be the right fit for you.

Trusted by over 3,000+ teams

Integrates with over 80 Marketplaces

Effortless integration with over 80 marketplaces, all accessible with a single click.

Connects data across Marketplaces with a Single API

A single API connection to manage all inventory, across all Marketplaces.

Removes the cost of maintaining API connections.

Removed the dependency on developers to maintain Marketplace API connections

Extends the selling opportunity for their customers​

Global Fulfilment Platform extends Marketplace selling opportunities for their customers

See our Channels software in action!

  All-in-One Solution

Consolidate all your orders in one user-friendly dashboard. Whether it’s amending, cancelling, or checking details, you can manage it all in seconds.

  Stock Sync Magic

Get alerts when stock is low and let our system update levels across your channels every time items enter or leave your warehouse.

  Data-Driven Decisions

Stay ahead with regular performance reports across all channels, accessible through your dashboard.

  Ready, Set, Integrate

Connect to 80+ sales channels and marketplaces with just a few clicks, and let our developers handle the rest.


Selling kits and bundles? No problem. Channels offers support for kitting so bundle away!

  Fort Knox for Your Data

Security is our priority. Channels utilizes industry-leading AES-256 encryption technology to safeguard your data.

What our clients say?

“Despatch Cloud’s channel connection solutions provide seamless integration of our global distribution network with British ecommerce businesses, helping us tap into Despatch Cloud’s local expertise in the UK eCommerce and courier market.”

Barry Yu
General Manager – JD International Logistics UK Branch

Channels Features

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One connection – Limitless Opportunities

Access 80+ sales channels and marketplaces instantly with one API connection, including Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Etsy, TikTok Shop and more. Our plug-and-play functionality means our developers handle the technicalities, simplifying the integration process and helping you save thousands in development work each time you add a new marketplace.

We’re continually adding new channels monthly, giving you the freedom to choose where you sell and expand with ease.

Stock Syncing Chain

No More Overselling

Smart stock control ensures you never oversell. Our inventory management syncs data on every new order, helping you maintain consistent product information across all channels effortlessly. Timely notifications and user-friendly dashboards keep you in control.

SKU Linking Map

SKU Mapping Simplified

Channels automatically syncs mismatched SKUs across all of your marketplaces, ensuring smooth recording of sales and updated stock levels.

Bundle Example

Bundles of Joy

Effortlessly create kits or product bundles with our kitting feature. Expand functionality without the costly development and enjoy the revenue boost from bundled offerings. 

List Of Channels

Group Your Channels

Ideal for fulfilment providers, our channel grouping functionality maintains segregation between channels, allowing users to set up specific filtering rules per group.

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Accounting Made Easy

Sync your sales data with Xero and Sage for streamlined accounting.

Channels Pricing

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Don’t take our word for it!

Here’s what actual Despatch Cloud customers have to say about our tool:

Despatch cloud literally changed my business!! After being stuck at 10 working days dispatch for months we got down to 3 working days in just 2 weeks using despatch cloud! The team are incredible! It’s a fully worthy Investment for your business!

Fantastic piece of software that streamlines the whole e-commerce progress. Orders are available straight away on Despatch cloud, saving time and subsequently massively improving efficiency..

Is Channels the Right Solution for Your Business?

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If you’re only looking for courier connections:

If you already have an OMS or WMS and simply want to connect to more couriers like royal mail and expand your existing shipment management functionality, then shipping is what you need.

Warehousing Demo


If you need warehouse management:

Shipping was made for businesses that already have an warehouse management system in place, and simply want to connect to a wider range of couriers in a more efficient way. If you don’t have a WMS, but still want our Shipping functionality, try our warehousing solution.


Channels is our API marketplace software that allows you to integrate with one or multiple marketplaces with your ecommerce software. Whether you’re an eCommerce retailer keen on consolidating various platforms, an ERP provider aiming to enhance client offerings, or a developer navigating the integration of multiple eCommerce platforms and marketplaces, Despatch Cloud Channels is your compass. It streamlines channel management, ensures effortless synchronisation and positions businesses at the forefront of the digital commerce revolution.

Marketplace integration software is an API-based tool designed to seamlessly connect ecommerce platforms with various online marketplaces like eBay, TikTok Shop, and Amazon. This integration allows retailers to consolidate data from multiple sources, such as pricing and inventory levels, ensuring they stay updated on available stock. The software provides a centralised hub for managing inventory and order fulfilment across all connected marketplaces.

Unified Access to Hundreds of Platforms: The standout advantage of Despatch Cloud Channels is its “One to Many” integration model. Instead of having to grapple with each eCommerce platform or marketplace integration individually, businesses can consolidate their sales channels under Despatch Cloud. This approach provides a central hub for managing and monitoring sales, no matter their source.

Maintenance-Free Integrations: One of the unique propositions of Despatch Cloud Channels is the commitment to maintaining integrations. Businesses no longer need to worry about updates, changes, or shifts in the platforms they operate on. Despatch Cloud shoulders the responsibility of ensuring all integrations are up-to-date, functional and optimised, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations without the distraction of technical upkeep.

Dynamic Marketplace Adaptability: The eCommerce sector is known for its rapid changes. With Despatch Cloud Channels, businesses gain the agility to swiftly adapt their strategies, either to tap into emerging marketplaces or to bolster operations on existing ones.

Data Accessibility for Informed Decisions: By consolidating data from diverse sales channels, Despatch Cloud Channels offers businesses unfettered access to their eCommerce performance metrics. All this data can be harnessed for external reporting tools, allowing retailers to glean insights, understand customer behaviours and make strategic decisions rooted in tangible evidence.

Consistency Across Platforms: Ensuring a consistent experience across diverse sales channels can be a daunting task. Despatch Cloud Channels guarantees uniformity in operations, branding, and customer engagement, fortifying brand perception and enhancing customer loyalty.

Efficiency and Cost Management: Unifying sales channels under Despatch Cloud translates to potential reductions in operational overheads, streamlined inventory management, and agile responses to market changes.

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