How We Handle Your Data

Under GDPR (in the UK the Data Protection Act 2018) anyone who has data stored about them has a right to know why their data is stored, what it is used for and why. This page is here to explain what Despatch Cloud does.

Who we are

Despatch Cloud is an eCommerce company based in Yorkshire. We provide services to other eCommerce companies to help them run their operations. Including Order Processing, Warehousing Management and Inventory Management.

What we do

Despatch Cloud is a data processor for eCommerce companies, and we process the order data. This includes Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of those who place orders. Including name, address, contact details (email address and telephone numbers) and items purchased. We may also store any messages you send with the order.

Why we hold your data

We provide Order Processing Software which connects sales channels such as the companies’ eCommerce websites or marketplaces like Amazon or Fruugo to collate all their orders. Your data is stored on our systems (please see the section on data security below). We hold the data on behalf of our client in order to:

  • facilitate the processing of your orders.
  • enable order data to be matched against payment data.
  • ensure the connection of your order data to couriers to book deliveries.
  • keep records of customer service.
  • update you on the order status.

Data Security

The data is held securely on our systems; all data is encrypted while at rest and in transit and our servers are hosted with ISO 27001 certified data centres. All data centres are in the UK. Despatch Cloud is registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) registration number A8116774.