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Warehouse Scanner & Barcoding Systems

As warehouse operations make strides towards streamlining processes and boosting productivity, one essential tool that shouldn’t be overlooked is your warehouse scanner system. This guide will explore the basics of warehouse scanner systems, common implementation challenges, best practices for utilisation and how Despatch Cloud can assist in optimising warehouse scanner systems to optimise your business.

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A warehouse scanner system comprises hardware, such as barcode scanners or mobile devices that will be used around your warehouse to keep a digital record of inventory levels and stock locations as this data can then be used to optimise the order fulfilment process. These systems allow for real-time data capture and analysis which makes warehouse management more straightforward and has the knock-on impact of faster deliveries to your customers.


Warehouse scanner systems play a vital role in managing inventory. They enable swift and accurate scanning of barcode which is a crucial enabler to efficient stock counting, inventory replenishment, and tracking. Additionally, these tools can help you to maintain an informed oversight of your warehouse operations and ensure that overall productivity remains high.

To effectively use a barcode scanner in a warehouse, it’s essential to select a device that is compatible with your warehouse management system and durable enough for warehouse conditions. Training staff on proper operation, including scanning techniques and troubleshooting, is crucial. Establishing clear scanning protocols ensures accurate inventory tracking, while regular maintenance prevents scanner malfunctions.

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Utilising an RF scanner requires an understanding of RF technology and its integration with warehouse operations. Ensuring uninterrupted connectivity through strategic placement of RF access points is vital. Battery life management is critical to avoid operational disruptions, and implementing data security measures protects sensitive information transmitted wirelessly.

Integrating the scanner with your warehouse management system is the first step to streamline operations. Developing efficient scanning processes minimises manual data entry and enhances inventory and order management accuracy. Continuous training for staff on system updates and operational changes is essential. Regular monitoring and feedback collection on the scanner system’s performance help in identifying improvement areas.

Efficient scanner systems have a significant impact on inventory management. By automating data capture and ensuring accurate stock levels, they minimise errors and enable proactive inventory planning. Gone are the days of manually tallying stock levels and with this the stock keeping process has been sped up exponentially. Real-time visibility allows managers to make informed decisions from anywhere with the benefits provided by a full understanding of your warehouse stock at any given time. 

Accurate order fulfilment is crucial for customer satisfaction. Warehouse scanner systems enhance order accuracy by validating picked items against customer orders, minimising packing errors, and ensuring the right products are shipped. Improved order accuracy can only be beneficial as this translates to happier customers and over time this can lead to an enhanced brand reputation.

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Efficiency gains from warehouse scanner systems translate into huge savings on time – which inevitably means massive cost savings. The streamlined order processing and reduced manual data entry lead to increased productivity and decreased labour costs. Furthermore, accurate inventory management minimises carrying costs and prevents the danger of stock obsolescence. By keeping track of this data, you can also look to implement a more efficient usage of your warehouse space.

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Implementing an effective warehouse scanner system is a significant adjustment for your warehousing management to go through and as such it’s important to be aware of potential challenges that may arise so you can plan ahead accordingly. Some of these challenges include encountering damaged or missing barcodes or working with incompatible or outdated software. Additionally, warehouse staff can face issues with low battery or connectivity and during the adjustment process there can be user errors. These challenges can lead to delays or losses in your picking and packing operations which could impact overall productivity. 

These hurdles can be addressed proactively by ensuring barcode quality and using compatible and up-to-date software. The battery life and connectivity issues can be addressed with some testing, and any remaining issues would be solved by providing thorough training to users. Planning ahead for these situations, and providing thorough training to your team can help you to minimise these challenges. 

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One example of a business that made the transition to warehouse scanner systems and saw an immediate improvement in their business is the ecommerce company FiltersFast, a filter company processing in excess of 400,000 items a year. 

After implementing warehouse scanners, they saw a drastic improvement in the speed of order processing – between 38% and 57% across all of their warehouse staff. This meant that they had paid off the initial investment within three weeks. You can explore their transition in more detail here. 

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To ensure successful implementation, consider the following best practices:

  • Conduct a thorough assessment of your warehouse requirements before selecting a scanner system.
  • Involve key stakeholders and employees in the decision-making process.
  • Plan and communicate implementation timelines, milestones, and expectations.
  • Provide comprehensive training to employees to ensure proper system adoption.
  • Regularly monitor system performance and gather feedback for continuous improvement.
  • Employee Training and Support.


Investing in employee training and ongoing support is critical. Empower your workforce by providing comprehensive training on scanner system usage, data interpretation, and troubleshooting. Establish a support system to address queries, resolve issues promptly, and ensure smooth operations.

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By harnessing Despatch Cloud’s robust features, businesses can achieve:

  • Real-time inventory visibility, enabling accurate stock management and forecasting.
  • Automated order processing, reducing manual errors and increasing efficiency.
  • Integration with multiple sales channels, facilitating seamless order management.
  • Streamlined shipping and tracking processes, improving customer experience.
  • Reporting and analytics capabilities, providing valuable insights for data-driven decision-making.


To enhance your warehouse operations and maximise efficiency, get in touch with the Despatch Cloud team to explore the ways that our software can help optimise your warehouse scanning system.

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