UPS Integration

UPS, or United Parcel Service, the popular American postal delivery and courier transportation company, offers courier express services, freight forwarding and national and international logistics solutions. They specialise in wholesale delivery management and have a good record of encouraging green and sustainable business practices.
Many eCommerce businesses use UPS for international delivery, importing both into and out of the US because they have a good track record for reliability. It is true that UPS API connection can speed up your business processes and provide better functionality for your company’s order and dispatch systems. However, without an individualised integration, which needs a developer to create, things could go wrong. 
Therefore, we, at Courier API, provide you with the ultimate cost-effective solution that allows you to access all the primary national and international transport and logistics services. After signing up with us, your company can benefit from: 
    Extensive shipping functionality with UPS as well as with many other shipping software providers,
    Courier API’s functions that include automated label generation, real-time tracking shipments and source quotations from different couriers including UPS – all from one unified interface.
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