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If you’re selling on Amazon, then Seller Fulfilled Prime is a great service to use to deliver to Prime customers. One of the benefits of Amazon prime customers is free next day delivery. By signing your business up to Seller Fulfilled Prime, you can display the prime delivery logo and attract customers with the promise of lightning-quick delivery.

Appeal to the over 200 million Amazon Prime members by signing up with Seller Fulfilled Prime and displaying the prime logo on your products. This is a huge boost to eCommerce businesses looking for a competitive advantage over their competitors.

Not just a big boost to customer recognition though, Seller Fulfilled Prime also offers quick, accurate deliveries. To use Seller Fulfilled Prime, you must be able to ship quickly, with the maximum time for delivery being two days. You must also be willing to ship goods over the weekend.

If your business can consistently fulfil orders within one or two days, you could be eligible to sign up for Seller Fulfilled Prime, from which you gain access to millions of Prime members who will now have a reason to take a closer look at your product.

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