PrestaShop Integration

PrestaShop is a free online store management platform. Initially called phpOpenStore after being invented in 2005, it has grown into a specialist for eCommerce business development with over a million businesses worldwide using the software as of 2020.
Based on the Symfony framework, PrestaShop is fully customisable and adaptable to all business requirements. Because PrestaShop was developed collaboratively and continues to be used by a vast community of developers, your eShop can benefit from access to global expertise and software management insights.

With simplified data management, SEO features and a centralised back-office among a wide range of features and add ons, PrestaShop is a reliable integrator for those looking for expertise and security. Despatch Cloud allows you to merge PrestaShop’s software with your marketplaces, merchants and delivery services to create a fully operational platform for your eCommerce enterprise.