Norsk Integration with Despatch Cloud

Norsk Global is a leading independent courier company with over 25 years of experience in international logistics and delivery. Technology is at the heart of its service to ensure a seamless experience for its clients.
Norsk Global has a full range of services including express services to many countries, warehouse and fulfilment services, returns, insurance, and import and export services. With its global partner network, Norsk Global is an ideal courier partner whatever your requirements are.

Norsk Global is a specialist in sending certain categories of dangerous goods, including perfumes and make up items such as acetone. Norsk Global can help advise about the packaging and labelling requirements. Many couriers refuse to carry such items, so Norsk Global is a specialist in this field.

Despatch Cloud offers a full Order Management System which contains all your sales channels, your websites, marketplaces (like Amazon, OnBuy, Etsy, eBay, & Fruugo) to book your orders with Norsk Global.

With our warehouse management system, Despatch Cloud can keep your pick and pack fulfilment operations efficient. Go paperless with our Android App to speed up your picking.

Dangerous goods include many items which we have around the house, so you might always consider dangerous goods items like aerosols, perfumes, medicines, or acetones. Norsk Global is a specialist in sending some classes of dangerous goods. But all dangerous goods require clear courier approved labelling. Despatch Cloud can help generate the dangerous good labels automatically as part of the order processing.

Despatch Cloud connects to your sales channels and pulls in most of the data your customs forms require. What is not stored in your sales channel (such as HS Tariff codes), we can store in our stock management system, and from that Despatch Cloud can generate commercial invoices approved for Norsk Global and CN23 forms.

Norsk Global is an ideal partner for sending your website eCommerce order internationally and in the UK. Despatch Cloud can connect all your orders to book them out with Norsk Global.

Despatch Cloud has a full integration to book out your orders with Norsk Global and print your Norsk Global labels for your post and parcels. We integrate with all your sales channels to make using Norsk Global a seamless efficient process.