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Landmark Global, the international experts in logistics, postal services and delivery solutions, operated for more than ten years. They have a solid reputation in Europe and beyond for quality end-to-end solutions and multiple certifications including ISO 14001, AEO and DOT.

You are probably one of the thousands of businesses to transport your goods across the world with Landmark Global for their user functionality online and shipment routing functions that consider different circumstances. If so, then you already know that your delivery service is actually the main attribute that your customers will consider when rating you.

You can integrate your website to Landmark Global servers so that you can share data and use an API to speed up communication. However, doing so would cost you time and money. Thus, you definitely need an expert to help you with this at affordable prices. This is how our developer-friendly API integration software assists you to manage your multiple couriers seamlessly. Furthermore, it enables you to:

  • View your orders across a single interface,
  • Have access to one, simple-to-use portal from where you can check prices, print labels and monitor and track deliveries,
  • Format intelligent addresses,
  • Benefit from the support of our team of experienced developers,
  • Benefit from different packages of different prices starting from £175 per month,
  • Benefit from enhanced security of information.

Check our testimonials now and see how we helped companies from different sectors grow their business and manage their orders smoothly. Now it is your turn.

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