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An alternative to door-to-door deliveries is using a locker. A leading brand in this industry is InPost, a UK-based locker delivery service company that has over 3000 lockers available throughout the UK.

This new delivery option is proving hugely popular, and companies like InPost are the reason why. Lockers can be accessed any time, any day, meaning people who work long hours no longer have to suffer the annoyance of missed deliveries. It is convenient, easy to use, and quick. Returns are also boosted, with a simple QR scanning system to pop an unwanted parcel back in a locker which will then be collected.

Not only is it convenient, but it is also environmentally friendly, saving a courier many deliveries to different locations, as all parcels are delivered to a set of lockers. The fact missed deliveries are impossible is also a huge benefit as unnecessary second deliveries are eradicated.

A hugely popular service, Inpost works with established brands such as Boohoo, eBay, Gymshark and Vinted.

Choosing Inpost means you are putting the delivery in your customers’ hands. They can choose the location of the locker, and decide when they want to pick it up. In a busy world, this is a huge positive. For business owners who also own a brick and mortar store, this can also be a great way to drive footfall to your store by offering to host a locker.

With Despatch Cloud, you have the ability to offer your customers a traditional delivery, as well as locker delivery, and this will be a huge plus to your customers as they pick from your flexible options.

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