Groupon Integration

Groupon is a US company offering deals on online products and services as well as digital marketing and campaigns for eCommerce and other industries. Groupon has approximately 44 million subscribers worldwide, making them one of the largest online promotion platforms in the world.
Groupon offers local deals for subscribers on restaurants, activities, health and beauty as well as a broad range of online products. Established in 2008, Groupon operates in multiple markets including the UK, Greece, India, Canada, Germany and the UAE, among others. Each national website portal enables customers to identify offers in their area via mobile or web browsers, available for a discounted price for a limited period.

Groupon operates as a digital advertising agency, allowing merchants to tailor offers to either local or national potential customers to an agreed cap. Merchants can leverage significant new customer acquisition through a Groupon promotion. However, to make sure a partnership with Groupon is efficient, integration with Despatch Cloud will enable your eCommerce shop to streamline and automate your back office alongside your other platforms, couriers and marketplaces.