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Deutsche Post, a member of the DHL Group, is one of the world’s premier logistics companies operating both across Europe and globally. It is a trusted partner for companies keen to get their products to customers as efficiently and affordably as possible.

If you are using Deutsche Post’s services in collaboration with other couriers, as an eCommerce retailer, combining International expertise and local couriers can benefit your business.

Our API (Application Programming Interface) that receives requests and sends responses will allow your web pages to interact smoothly with Deutsche Post to enable the quick sharing of data to improve efficiency.

Moreover, you will overcome your concerns about the high costs and internal security thanks to our ground-breaking and innovative services at affordable prices and increased security.

If you are wondering about how this can benefit your business, these are some of the key advantages:

  • Access to various couriers via our centralised interface,
  • Creating customised labels from one standard form,
  • Saving time and effort in order processing,
  • Automation of processes and detecting errors,
  • Single access unit to all couriers,
  • Ease of tracking,
  • 100% secured information for you and your customers.

Do not miss your chance to have this integration within your business. Contact our team today and know more about it.

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