With decades of experience solving shipping, IT, and warehousing-related issues for e-commerce sellers, brands, parcel carriers, freight-forwarders, and 3PLs, SHIPMAX is here to provide clarity and take the pain out of UK and global trading.


SHIPMAX has one straightforward purpose: to partner with companies that face growth-stifling challenges in our four areas of expertise:

  1. Shipping Services

  2. B2B Sales Acceleration

  3. IT Systems & Integrations

  4. Warehousing & 3PL operations

All SHIPMAX clients are unique. Their challenges are varied and diverse, but there are often common threads. Assistance in one or all of our core competency areas can be leveraged for additional profitability and opportunities to grow and scale.

The entrepreneurs, founders and senior executives we work with are the experts. It is not our place to tell them how to run their companies. We listen carefully and present ideas, suggestions and support. We align and tailor our assistance with the client’s vision and values to identify latent potential; It must be a win-win. Nothing else is acceptable.

At SHIPMAX, we love to partner with ambitious e-commerce start-ups, scale-ups and established brands. We also deploy our expertise to parcel carriers, 3PLs, freight forwarders and any other business where our expertise can add value.

Connect with SHIPMAX today and challenge us to unlock the potential within your business.





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