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A people-first recruitment agency based in Beverley and serving Hull, East Yorkshire and the surrounding area.


Despatch Cloud is excited to announce our strategic partnership with James Ray Recruitment, a leading recruitment agency based in Beverley, specializing in Legal, Finance, HR, and Education Recruitment.

Serving Hull, East Yorkshire, and the surrounding areas, James Ray Recruitment brings a wealth of experience from some of the region’s largest firms, along with an impressive commitment to excellence and dedication to prioritizing people in every step of the recruitment process.

Despatch Cloud recognizes that acquiring the right talent is pivotal for success, and with James Ray Recruitment, we’re confident in finding candidates who not only meet the required criteria but also align seamlessly with our company culture and values.

Our collaboration with James Ray Recruitment signifies a shared mission to go beyond transactional recruitment. We believe in creating lasting partnerships that foster growth for both parties. As Despatch Cloud revolutionizes the eCommerce landscape, this partnership ensures that we receive not just candidates but individuals who contribute significantly to our ethos, goals, and unique company culture.





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