Conker is a leading supplier of rugged tablets and handhelds in the UK, offering robust solutions and unmatched support to businesses looking to streamline and simplify processes.


Conker, a UK supplier since 2008, specialises in rugged tablets and handhelds with Windows or Android operating systems. Their devices are designed to make mobile work more productive and efficient, catering to industries requiring durable technology.

Their standout feature is the awesome warranty: a 3-year, hassle-free service with one-day repairs covering accidental damages. This warranty ensures lower total cost of ownership and higher uptime for teams, providing peace of mind and reliability.

Conker devices are built to cut downtime with fewer failures, shorter lead times, and faster repairs. This commitment to reducing interruptions means businesses can operate smoothly without extended periods of inactivity.

Additionally, Conker helps reduce IT administrative burdens. Their rugged devices come with advanced device management, ensuring secure systems and data, which simplifies IT operations and enhances overall efficiency.



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