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Ensuring a Seamless Customer Experience During Black Friday

One of the most significant shopping periods in the eCommerce calendar is upon us, presenting a prime opportunity for online retailers to refine strategies to increase revenue and attract new customers.

Black Friday is well known for deals and discounts but how can this become a profitable time for retailers? Well, combined with an increase in online traffic and a high level of purchase intent across the board, the opportunity for eCommerce stores is undeniable.

Let’s look at a few ways you can cement a robust eCommerce and marketing strategy to maximise Black Friday’s potential.

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Creating memorable and seamless on-site experiences is key to customer retention. Research shows that customers are likely to spend 140% more after a positive experience than customers who report negative experiences.

Clearly showing incentives at exactly the right time can encourage customers to checkout.

To make use of the strategic incentives you provide, you can use Salesfire Overlays to display the most relevant messaging at the optimal time in the user journey on your site.

Consider whether customers enter your conversion funnel via a specific pay-per-click Black Friday ad or via an affiliate link.

Use a dedicated landing page to help customers quickly find exactly what they’re looking for.

This will help cater for the fast and efficient experience that consumers expect.

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Speed and accuracy are required, especially with your on-site search.

Quicker and smarter results are essential for reducing bounce rates and encouraging conversions.

We have found that visitors are 2.5x more likely to convert into customers if they have used a search bar and average order values are 21.9% higher when users interact with Salesfire’s Search.

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Competition is fierce and your margins are being scrutinised, anything that’s going to differentiate your offering is going to play a crucial role in your success.

Don’t let your promotions overshadow your USP and brand messaging.

A customer’s experience on your site can be the difference between a conversion or a lost sale.

Prepare your customer support channels for any queries during this period and have FAQs accessible on-site.

Include relevant details about opening times and delivery dates that could lead to a purchase.

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Streamline the checkout process to maximise the opportunity for impulse purchases.

Shoppers don’t want to miss out on their favourite products when the discounts are only for a limited time period. This causes them to check out much quicker.

Make sure you seize this unique opportunity to upsell and cross-sell more products than usual.

Integrating Salesfire Recommendations on your checkout page can also work as a last-minute incentive to encourage your customers to build bigger baskets and increase your AOV.

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Black Friday isn’t just about that day’s sales, it can also have a long-lasting impact on your business’s success. With an optimised online shopping experience you’ll not only gain conversions but will build your repeat customer base too.

Check our warehousing solution to learn how we help you stay on top of your operation, even during the busiest and most chaotic times of the year.

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