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Cyber Monday Success: Safeguarding Your High Value Parcels

With Cyber Monday just around the corner, the e-commerce scene is gearing up for a surge in digital shopping. As demand rises and shipping services hit their limits, ensuring the security of your high-value parcels becomes more crucial than ever.

Enter the Despatch Cloud x Anansi Partnership – a strategic collaboration designed to enhance the safety of your shipments during this peak season. 

In this blog, we’ll delve into practical insights on how this partnership is set to streamline and secure your Cyber Monday deliveries.

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Understanding the significance of Cyber Monday is key to navigating the e-commerce landscape during this pivotal time. Coined as the digital counterpart to Black Friday, Cyber Monday falls on the Monday following the U.S. Thanksgiving weekend. This online shopping extravaganza is marked by special promotions, discounts, and sales offered by online retailers. Traditional brick-and-mortar stores also partake in the action, presenting exclusive website-only deals.

In 2020, online spending on Black Friday amounted to a staggering $9 billion, with Cyber Monday surpassing that with a remarkable $10.8 billion. Fast forward to 2022, Black Friday drew in 87.2 million shoppers, closely followed by 77 million on Cyber Monday. According to Adobe Analytics, Cyber Monday sales reached a whopping $11.3 billion.

The global reach of Cyber Monday extends to 28 countries, with the highest awareness recorded in the U.K. at an impressive 89%. This expanding international participation underscores the potential for retailers to tap into new markets and foster global growth. 

By leveraging events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, businesses can get unique insights into shopping trends and what resonates with shoppers in different countries, and tailor their strategies to meet diverse demands. 

As the e-commerce landscape continues to evolve, staying informed about the trends and statistics surrounding Cyber Monday becomes a strategic imperative for businesses aiming to thrive in the digital marketplace.

Taking a closer look at Cyber Monday statistics for 2023, UK shoppers are predicted to spend an estimated £3 billion during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Notably, the younger generation is taking centre stage, as 8 in 10 shoppers from Gen Z plan to participate in the Black Friday sales. An estimated average spend of £176 stands out, showcasing a remarkable 56% increase compared to the national average.

SaleCycle sheds light on the UK’s Cyber Monday spending spree in 2022, with consumers spending a total of £8.71 billion on Black Friday, of which 4.81 billion was spent online. As for the average order value, it went from £108.10 in 2021, to £125.43 in the following year. This upward trajectory in average purchase values underscores the growing willingness of consumers to invest in higher-priced items during the Cyber Monday rush.

SaleCycle also reports a consistent year-on-year growth, emphasising the sustained popularity and influence of Cyber Monday in the digital realm. 

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Navigating the Cyber Monday frenzy comes with its set of challenges, especially when it comes to safeguarding high-value parcels. Standard courier insurance often falls short in providing the comprehensive coverage needed during this peak period of heightened demand and increased online traffic.

Recognizing the evolving landscape of e-commerce, there is a growing need for automated processes and built-in insurance solutions that go beyond the conventional offerings. This is where the strategic partnership between Despatch Cloud and Anansi steps in, offering online retailers a holistic solution to their e-commerce needs.

Despatch Cloud’s fully self-service platform stands out as a game-changer, empowering users to seamlessly swap out underperforming couriers and set failover services to automate courier reassignment. With over 120+ courier integrations, it empowers retailers to strengthen their courier network and safeguard their parcels during the busier times.

The inclusion of automated goods-in insurance for high-value parcels further adds a layer of security to the entire shipping process. Anansi, as a key player in this partnership, brings its own list of features to the table, complementing Despatch Cloud’s offerings and creating a well-rounded solution for online retailers.

As the world’s first embedded shipping cover with automated claims, Anansi is tailored for retailers, logistics providers, and marketplaces navigating the challenges of Cyber Monday and beyond. What sets Anansi apart is its touchless and courier-free automated claims process, eliminating the need for retailers to file claims for loss – it’s done seamlessly for you. The comprehensive coverage extends to both loss and damage, with parcels covered up to £100,000 each, across all major couriers. 

Anansi’s flexibility is a key asset, allowing retailers to pick and change order values for items to cover at any time. The real-time dashboard offers shipping status and claims tracking in one centralised hub, providing retailers with transparency and control. Backed by a panel of reputable global insurers, Anansi ensures that retailers have a reliable, customisable, and integrated solution for safeguarding high-value parcels during peak demand periods like Cyber Monday.

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In a landscape where Cyber Monday statistics reflect not only increased sales and revenue but also shifting consumer behaviours, having a reliable and comprehensive e-commerce solution becomes paramount. The collaboration between Despatch Cloud and Anansi emerges as a strategic response to these challenges, providing online retailers with the tools they need to navigate the post-purchase complexities of Cyber Monday and beyond.

Cyber Monday isn’t just about that day’s sales. It can also have a long-lasting impact on your business’s success. With optimised order fulfilment and seamless deliveries, you’ll not only improve conversions but build your repeat customer base too.

Looking to strengthen your courier network and ship with more carriers? Talk to us today to learn more about how we can help you safeguard your parcels and secure growth for the busier times. 

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