Fedex Integration

FedEx, the multi-national postal solutions provider with an unequalled infrastructure and a network spanning the entire globe, most probably is one of the couriers on your list. 
They provide their customers with a comprehensive GPS online ordering and delivery tracking system accessible via desktop or mobile device.  
If you could not benefit from FedEx web services API courier management software for application integration between your website and the FedEx platforms for the approximately high cost, Courier API provides you with the ultimate and comprehensive solution that gives you:
    Access to our centralised interface where you can get connected to over 50 couriers based on your need,
    The best price quotes for individual packages in seconds,
    Customisable shipping labels generation option,
    The flexibility of monitoring returns, tracking shipments and generating smart invoices and reports.
Is the safety of information of concern to you? No need to worry about it as we provide you with the ideal solution. With us, all your customer and company data is fully encrypted to AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard).
Sounds good? Talk to us today about FedEx API and how it can improve your business processes and our team will be happy to help.