Customer Screen

Easily Search and Filter Through Your Contacts

Search and filter your contacts from the database of stored clients. Whenever you ship an order, we save that customers details in the directory so that you can easily search for that customer at a later date.

Personal Profile

Manage Your Supplier Information

There is support for clients and suppliers allowing you to also keep record of your suppliers’ names, addresses and contact details. You can also assign relevant notes to each customer or supplier for jogging your memory later.


Track Customer Spending Habits

Statistics on customers are saved for analysis, too. So, you can see how much they have spent with you and what items you have linked to them.


Ship to Your Favourite Customers With Ease

Shipping to a saved contact or supplier couldn’t be easier. Simply find them in the contacts database and hit the “add order” button to start adding an order quickly without needing to find any of their details again.

We Don’t Hold Back on Integrations



Financial Packages


Shaking Hands

Our customer relationship management (CRM) software provides a solution that helps you manage communication with your current and potential customers. Our CRM software allows you to nurture existing contacts and build loyalty while maintaining and managing an accessible archive of contact information and customer history. Using our CRM tool, you can track customer spending habits, ship to customers with ease and manage your supplier information.

Customer experience has become more important than ever, making the ability to manage your businesses’ relationship with your customers through the entire sales and after-sales process a crucial consideration. Our CRM software enables you to understand your customers needs better by saving useful statistics. You can then analyse and track your customers’ spending habits to see how much they spend and which products they are linked to. With a whole repository of customer information, our CRM software makes it easier than ever to chip to a repeat customer.