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Looking for a Shipmate alternative? In a competitive market you need a high level of reliability, a solution which can effortlessly scale and a competitive price. Come and talk to us about how we can meet those needs.

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Comparing Alternatives to Shipmate

Shipping is a powerful, multi-carrier shipping software solution developed by developers for the most exacting of developers, which makes it easy to add multiple carriers to any eCommerce system or order management system. It also facilitates switching in and out couriers as and should your needs change.

As well as connecting to our range of courier and postal services to generate the labels you need for your orders, we can also pull in tracking events.


We know that your shipping management system is mission critical to your business and that is why you should compare the resilience and robustness of any alternative to Shipmate. Shipping has full failover resilience, meaning that if the primary system goes down there is an automatic switch over to a backup system on a separate server in a separate data centre. Talking about data centres, we only use ISO 27001 certified data centres to ensure that your data is safe and secure.

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