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2nd October 2019

How to rank well on Amazon

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How does the Amazon Search Engine work?

Why Amazon Matters

For many retail companies Amazon is a vital sales channel for their products. Amazon.com is one of the world’s most often visited sites, and the local sites such as Amazon.co.uk are frequently the top ecommerce sites in the region. More than just casual traffic, Amazon attracts traffic who are looking to buy.

Good for product, not so good for brands

For almost all companies their brand is one of their most critical selling points. Unfortunately, while Amazon is designed for selling product it has few facilities to help you develop as a brand. Therefore, Amazon can only be part of your online strategy. 

But that said, take every opportunity to promote your brand and utilise the Amazon Platform to gain extra sales.

How Amazon ranks items for sale

Amazon uses their own company called A9, who designed the Amazon Search Engine. Like other search engines including Google, A9 indexes each product page, searching for data points which it can then match with the searches of customers. And like other search engines it does not like to be tricked into showing pages which are not relevant, this gives a poor visitor experience and that is not what Amazon is about.

Amazon A9 though, does differ in one very important aspect from other search engines, Amazon looks only at the relevance of what you put on your product page. Backlinks, social media and other off page SEO has no effect on A9.

A9 is designed always to maximise Revenue Per Customer (for Amazon not you we are afraid). Therefore Amazon wants to present the most buyable item to customers. Let’s explore in more detail the factors which will affect that.

Product titles, descriptions and content

In A9’s own words

One of A9’s tenets is that relevance is in the eye of the customer and we strive to get the best results for our users. Once we determine which items are good matches to the customer’s query, our ranking algorithms score them to present the most relevant results to the user.

A9 is seeking relevancy, and the first place it looks is in the title, descriptions and contents of your listing. They don’t rank equally; more weight will be given to the title. So chose this carefully making sure it contains the keywords you want to rank well for but avoiding stuffing it with keywords and making it unreadable. Ultimately it is people who will read your title and decide to click or not.

Adding plenty of well written content though is not a waste of time, the more content you add the more you are giving Amazon A9 to work with and to Index and the more searches A9 will find your relevant for. All the content is indexed by them after all. This is especially useful for the long tail keywords; those key words search for less often but are highly relevant to your product. 

Finally, when setting up the product listing make sure that you reinforce the keywords in your content by adding them to the keywords in the listing set up. You are showing Amazon where your product is relevant. Bullet points are great for keywords.

Make sure you use all the opportunities to add content, not just the description but also and other features/Bullet Points and the various specifications you can add where they are relevant to your listing. Amazon won’t even show your listing without these.

Don’t be tempted to keyword stuff or use keywords which are not relevant to your product, just to get your product highlighted in other searches. Amazon will quickly detect this and as mentioned previously they don’t like it and your listing will likely suffer a penalty.

Customer satisfaction

Well now you have been indexed and your relevance to a search established. That is not the end of the story though. Amazon demand a high level of customer satisfaction. Getting orders out swiftly, speed at responding to customer queries, the rate of orders with no problems are all part of the metrics. Good sellers rank better than those who don’t meet Amazon expectations.

Effective Order Processing

One of the key metrics Amazon tracks is the speed of shipment, Amazon demand that their customers (remember that Amazon consider them as their customers) receive goods quickly. Using an Order Processing Management system which processes the orders, and updates Amazon automatically, not just with the status but also the tracking method and tracking number. Despatch Cloud is a multi channel Ecommerce solution which integrates with Amazon MarketPlaces and Seller Fulfilled Prime, Amazon Vendor. 


Positive reviews are also a vital factor in the A9 ranking engine. Amazon weigh the more recent reviews more highly than older ones, and likely they weigh the verified purchase reviews more as well. Again search Amazon for any product and you will see how many of the top results have a high number of positive reviews. 


Remember Amazon are looking to maximise their sales, not yours. They use both predicted and real conversion rates to predict what you will sell. Higher prices reduce the predicted conversion rates and thus Amazon will reduce your ranking compared to alternative products. It some cases it may  be better to offer small units at a lower price than better value bigger units.


Sales rank is obviously one of the most important factors. A simple search on Amazon should demonstrate the importance of how many units you sell. You can buy your way in to this to an extent by paying for your product to take a prominent position. 

Other factors

Clear and good quality photos, Amazon won’t even display your listing with images below 1000×1000 pixels

Use Parent/Child listings, where a similar products are linked, it has been reported that Amazon tend to rank listings with multiple options better than those without and this maximises reviews 

Categories and sub categories vital for searches, as once a customer has selected a category then the A9 search engine restricts the search to that category. Pick wisely.

Despatch Cloud offers a large number of Shopping Channels and Market Place integrations, making your order processing seamless and allowing you to synchronise stock between platforms. Come and talk to us at hello@despatch.cloud and see how we can help you increase your sales by expanding on more marketplaces and reduce your costs. 

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6th April 2019

Efficient Tips for Successful ecommerce

The international B2C market is trying so at breakneck speeds. Indeed, e-commerce is an upward trend. Sales forecasts for next year are estimated $51.4 billion in most countries. Mobile commerce, emerging markets, international brands move to markets and advance shipment, and payment options encourage this overall growth. How can your company’s e-commerce make the most of the explosive Opportunities? Here are some smart and efficient tips for successful e-commerce.

– Establish multi-channel offering. Consumers demand variety and convenience. And they have different methods of shopping. Today, your in-store shopping should combine your multi-channel strategy with online purchasing; your multi-channel should consist of mobile app stores, catalog shopping, and even telephone orders if it is part of your customers buying behavior. A store will boost sales if they can offer on-the-floor checkout with mobile devices better than a store that still use the old cash checkout. Your e-commerce business can benefit from the opportunities online and offline with multi-channel offerings.

– Invest in effective, and efficient systems to run your e-commerce. It is true that you need to offer the best products at the best prices to gain traction in the market. But you also need the smartest ERP solutions. Expert retail brands like yours will achieve more by integrating applications and automating management in every aspect of the company seamlessly.

– Experiences, consider functional offerings. It seems like a lot of effort and stressful, and it is, but your e-commerce business will benefit more. One-of-a-kind occurrences can captivate customers and strengthen brand loyalty. Meanwhile, individualized promotions can capitalize on niche markets that could prove lucrative in the long run.

– Integration of mobile commerce. Tablets and smartphones should not only be used as part of your in-store online browsing or on-the-floor checkout. Your mobile store should be able to fuss-free access to services like a map to your store or store layout, click to call, delivery update and much more.

– Improve the customer experience beyond all channels. Online and in-store, a seamless experience that advances beyond the trained staff to meet the needs of the client, and the use of the best-POS software. Your e-commerce venture needs to be confident about product availability and implement smart supply chain technology consistently to Provide a seamless customer experience beyond all channels.

– Invest in innovative solutions. Finally, continue to develop because of changing markets trends, and technology. Your e-commerce company has a better chance of growth if it never ceases to increase and improve you will soon achieve your targeted goals.

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Useful Tips for Selling Online

One of the great ways to making profits online is by selling online. In fact, it is also an excellent way to broaden your audience
and grow your business quickly. Please note that by putting your business online, you are also expanding your global reach. However, as you grow your business online, it is also important to check out some online sales tips that can help you achieve success in your business of selling online.

Here are some of the things you might want to keep in mind.

– Plan your move in expanding your business online. A plan for your online marketing is relevant and useful. Just like your business plan, make a different plan that will help you make a list of what you need to do to sell or launch your products online. One of the online marketing tips to keep in mind is to choose a niche for your website.

– Pick a niche that fits your business. In selling online, it is important to be able to put up a website with a niche that fits your business. If you sell computer software, then you should have a niche about computers to be able to sell your products.

– Advertising. It is not enough to have a website to sell online. You should be able to advertise your products and your company to be able to sell more online. Find time to research online; you can discover a lot of ways to promote your business and your products. You can do the pay per click advertising, you can do banner advertising, and you can also advertise in the search engines page.

– Selling in online auctions. If you want to get a good price for your items, you can also join other sellers on online auction sites like eBay. One good thing about auctions is that you can set a minimum price, and the price will likely go up if there are many bidders interested in your item. However, a drawback to online auction sites, especially on eBay, is the fierce competition. If others are willing to sell items just like yours, you will be forced to lower your price too. But of course, if you know your way around tough competition, you can learn to make money on eBay as well.

– Provide valuable information. One of the online marketing tips that you can take note is to provide some useful information to your online readers. People come online to find information and by providing them with useful information; you can also gain their interest to patronize your business and purchase your product as well.

These are just some of the online marketing tips that you should take note. There are a lot of things you can do to make your selling online a successful one. You just study and practice a few techniques and also learn new selling strategy as well, so competitors will not outsmart you.

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Why you should advertise on Facebook

There is an old joke that marketers like to use which says “I know that half the money I spend on advertising is wasted but I don’t know which half”. This feeling is very predominant when it comes to advertising on Facebook because it is relatively known and a lot of people don’t understand how it works. We have compiled a list of seven things you should know about Facebook advertising. Take a look and see if this isn’t right for you and your business.

1. Reach a Wide Audience

If it seems like everyone has a Facebook account that is because almost everyone does have a Facebook account. Facebook’s one billion users are really a marketers dream. This is a huge audience all gathered in one place for you. With this many people it is hard to imagine that you have a product or service that couldn’t be marketed through Facebook.

2. An Interactive Marketing Opportunity

Facebook is social by nature which means that it gives you the opportunity to truly interact with customers. You can get feedback, ideas and true conversations going about your product and/or services.

3. Targeted Ads

Demographic targeting is a basic staple of all media marketing. Traditional media like broadcast and print all rely on key demographic indicators to sell their ad space. Facebook has the same ability. However, Facebook also has the ability to target specific personal interests. You can place your ads for people interested in Star Wars or camping or backyard grilling. The list is endless and it is entirely up to you to target your ads.

4. Established Search Engine Ranking

Since Google seems to be at odds with Facebook from time to time you would think they might punish Facebook in the search engine rankings. However, the truth is that Facebook is a great website to use if you want to rank for certain key phrases. You can get tremendous search engine traffic by posting on Facebook.

5. Simple Process to Create Ads

Some other media sources could learn from how easy it is to make a Facebook ad including an image! It really is a point and click program with a very few steps. Once you format your first ad you can use it as a template for future ads. You can also easily test different ad variations to see what brings you the best results.

6. You Control Your Content

As with any advertising platform there are guidelines to follow. However, if you aren’t trying to do something or say something outrageous you won’t run into problems like you do with other ad platforms over things like quality scores etc. Ads are generally very easily approved and you have control over how you run your ads.

7. Support for Ad Creation

If for some reason you run into troubles with your ad submission Facebook does offer support through an online contact form. You shouldn’t need to use it but it is there if you need it. It takes a day or so to hear something back.

Advertising on Facebook has numerous benefits, especially when you factor in how much potential it has. Why waste money advertising where you can get little return for your efforts? With a website like Facebook, you get exposure and simplicity.

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Does your delivery policy deliver?

Delivery in the world of commerce and retail is a major selling point and competitive segregator in the world of multi-channel retail but is one which requires the correct balance of delivery options to meet both retailer and the customer’s needs.

Delivery used to be a great annoyance to retailers, aggravated by their inability to control the final delivery stage to their customers. They were left at the mercy of their courier services who, quite often, were not up to speed with digital options and who handled their customers in an out-of-date way. Today, new technology and up-to-date systems have changed this service, and if it’s carried out in the correct manner, can offer the retailer major competitive benefits. It does, however, still involve a balance that benefits both parties, retailers need to control costs yet still acquire the sale, yet customers need the convenience of a hassle-free and reliable delivery.

Supporting a full range of multi-channel delivery services.

By engaging a multi-channel delivery platform, such as Despatch Cloud, you are positioning your company’s control and influence to its main advantage. Enriched customer experience produces the opportunity for your business to increase its sales performance figures, while expanding time-saving processes.

Retail businesses are required to take on board a varied range of delivery options to ensure the most convenient delivery options and at the same time providing the most cost-effective solutions. There are an abundance of delivery options available, from free delivery, 2-4 hour delivery slots, next day, 48 hour, with some retailers even offering a click and collect service from various locations or in store. Our eCommerce software, Despatch Cloud provides your business with the following delivery benefits:

1. Vigorous identification of delivery channels

2. Creating and delivering vital communications

3. Automated shipping – liaising with over 17 courier services

4. Despatch Cloud system is easily tailored to suit individual businesses

5. Collated stock delivery reports

Companies that fail to meet customer demands in this multi-channel environment are at risk of damaging customer allegiance, destroying their brand and losing repeat business. On-line customers are using social media, reviews and blogs to share their negative experiences. Many potential customers can be put off by one single, adverse tweet.

Organisations must excel at their delivery service, by whatever channel a customer opts for. Remember the old adage, “the digital customer is always right”.

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