Secured Mail Integration

Secured Mail - also known as The Delivery Group - offers post and package delivery services that seek to innovate the competitive UK courier market and operate nationally and internationally. If we mention Secured Mail, we should speak of their unique selling points related to: 
    Bespoke tracking, 
    Consignment services,
    Sorted and unsorted solutions,
    Specialised and dangerous delivery,
    Innovative technology that leads to achieving the fastest delivery times of any UK postal courier. 
If you are wondering why to choose Courier API to support your Secured Mail connection, the answer is simple. Having a straightforward shipping management software that integrates into warehouse management and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems gives you vast advantages. With our Courier API software you can: 
    Connect to all your courier services in a complete package from label printing to price quoting,
    Save your company’s resources (time and effort),
    Track every parcel from one convenient platform,
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