Manage Goods With Our Mobile App

Goods in is a breeze with our app. Each purchase order is transmitted to the application for you to select it; simply scan the barcodes of the products and count them up, check them into the application and submit. This will then allow you to scan into the location you want to place the items and will update the system with the new stock.


Multiple Warehousing Support

Multiple warehouses are supported by Despatch Cloud, meaning you can quickly check if you have stock available in a different warehouse in the country, which allows you to move that stock between warehouses.


Prioritise Your Items, Shelves and Bins

Items can be assigned a priority by item, shelf or bin location, allowing you to visually inspect stock in the warehouse and then change the priority of it based on date and condition etc.


We Determine the Most Efficient Picking Route

We know everyone wants to get their 10,000 steps a day in, but the system doesn’t want you to take unnecessary steps around the warehouse; so the picking order will be determined for the best route around the warehouse. This will make sure they take the most expeditious route and increase efficiency in your operation.


Download the Despatch Cloud Mobile Application

Our mobile application allows you to receive goods in, move stock, check stock levels and much more. Each device will require a user to be logged in, so all actions that take place are tied to that user and time/date stamped.

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Stock Warnings for Your Items / Bins

Stock warnings can be set per bin and per item, alerting you to the fact that stock is running low in certain areas of the warehouse.

Time Saving

Speed up Your Multi-Items Picking

We have a very unique system for multiple picks, designed to speed up the picking of multi-item orders. Pickers will collect items from their set location in the warehouse and return the goods to the sort plant where a series of totes will be waiting. When the item is scanned, the app will tell you which tote to place the items in until the tote is complete. This stops your pickers having to pick each order themselves from all over the warehouse or on multiple floors.

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Simple Inventory Counting

Inventory counting couldn’t be simpler with this application. Just scan the location code with the device and complete a count of the stock. Update the stock in the application and it will update the system in real time so that you can move onto the next bin.


Move Items to Where They Belong

All of the SKUs in the warehouse can be controlled by lot and batch numbers which we recommend assigning to different locations. When you are in the warehouse, if you notice an item in the wrong batch or lot, then you can quickly move it back to where it belongs by identifying on our system where the rest of that batch is.


PackEye, the UK's Leading Packing Station

Introducing PackEye, the UK’s leading packing station surveillance offering, allowing you to place cameras at your stations and record the transaction of the items being placed into the boxes. This really helps with customer satisfaction and staff training by eliminating errors and being able to view valuable footage in case of a complaint.

We Don’t Hold Back on Integrations



Financial Packages



Make your warehouse processes more streamlined and efficient with our warehouse management software. You can get a clear, real-time view of every warehouse function and go through the operations from start to finish using our warehouse management software which runs through our mobile app. Use the app to manage all your warehouse operations in one place.

When your warehouse fails to operate at maximum efficiency, it can lead to a number of other problems further down the line. A disorganised warehouse can result in unnecessary inventory and operational errors, confusing workflow processes and a lack of visibility. Our warehouse management software minimises the risk of these errors by allowing you to take full control over all warehouse functions. Our warehouse management software increases visibility with each order being transmitted to our mobile app. You can view purchase orders, scan barcodes and submit products all in one place. The system will then be automatically updated with the new stock. You can also use the app to prioritise items depending on factors such as date and condition so that you can ensure that you are utilising your stock in the most efficient way.