Get Things Done Quickly With Our Returns Portal

Our returns portal allows you to scan orders back in using the original packing slip or to search for it by order number, name, address etc. It will then let you choose if it’s a return or an exchange, and whether the item is damaged or can be restocked. Restocked items are placed in the returns location until they are put back in their original location.


Analyse Your Return Data

Capturing of returns reasons enables you to collect valuable data and analyse trends in why people didn’t want that product. This can help you identify any weaknesses in storage, manufacturing, product design or even how it’s displayed on your website to aid minimising the returns rate.


Easily Manage Exchange Orders

Exchange orders are automatically added to the system as a new order when you select that reason, adding it back to the queue to be despatched that day.


Refund Logging

Once goods are accepted back into the warehouse, it will create a refunds log for items that have come back but don’t request an exchange. This will allow you to manage your refunds to the customer.

We Don’t Hold Back on Integrations



Financial Packages



Our returns management software aims to simplify your returns process, giving your customers a seamless experience. You can manage returned stock all in one place and rapidly take action on any transactions that require refunds. Using our returns management software, you can then analyse your returns data and identify ways in which you can minimise your businesses’ returns rate.

Our returns management software provides an effective way of managing your return requests. This returns system allows you to identify any potential weaknesses in your ??? by providing helpful returns data that can be analysed for significant trends. You can make sure that you respond to refund requests in minimal time and manage exchanges easily in order to maintain a smooth and positive experience for your customers. When goods have been returned and accepted back into the warehouse, our returns management software will automatically update the return request status as well as your stock inventory.