Despatch Cloud Champions

The advocacy programme that celebrates sharing

Despatch Cloud Champions Programme is a community for passionate and dedicated advocates in the Ecommerce world. It enables enthusiastic members to grow their profile, get rewarded for sharing their success and advocating for Despatch Cloud

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Refer a friend and receive a £50 Amazon gift voucher*

*Referral must sign-up to a paid plan to redeem offer

What does being a Despatch Cloud Champion mean?

We want to see our customers succeed and hear about the value Despatch Cloud (DC) brings to their roles and organisations, so we’ve built an advocacy programme designed to celebrate and reward them for sharing and spreading their love for DC.

This advocacy program allows our customers to engage in a range of activities, enabling them to showcase their achievements and share their experiences with us, either privately or publicly with others. 

How can you get involved?


Refer Despatch Cloud to other organisations or take part in reference calls

Refer a friend to DC. If they sign up as a customer for any paid products you’ll receive a £50 Amazon gift voucher!

Take part in reference calls and share your experience with your peers


Refer Despatch Cloud to other organisations or take part in reference calls

Build your personal brand as an expert

Share your experience with others

Position your company as a leader in your field


Write reviews of Despatch Cloud on review websites

Share your experience with your peers

Help them choose the right solution


Provide user feedback through product research sessions and BETA testing

Get early access to new product releases

Influence Despatch Cloud’s product roadmap

Impact Despatch Cloud's customer experience


Create content with us such as case studies, blogs, videos

Share your success with others

Promote your company’s brand

Help others learn from your experience


Repost what Despatch Cloud share on social media or create your own post and tag us in it

Build your personal brand as an expert

Highlight your successes

Share great tips and insights with your network

Benefits & Rewards

Along with receiving a free Amazon Gift Cards for every referral, for each time you engage with one of the above activities you’ll be entered into our customer raffle and have the chance to win a host of Prizes and SWAG.

Gift Cards



Access to customer events

Arrangement of despatch cloud swag
The Despatch Cloud logo

A relationship that helps us and you grow:

Join hundreds of our other customers in celebrating how you use our technology to improve your fulfilment processes.

Get access to exclusive customer event days (rumour has it, the last had a free bar).

Unique networking opportunities with our customers and partners through live events, webinars, blogs and events.

Grow your professional profile and become a thought-leader utilising our extensive social following.

Enroll into our random gifts of happiness programme, you never know when you may get a surprise at your door.

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