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Yorkshire Based Logistics Platform Offers Full Carbon Neutral Offsetting To Clients
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The offsetting will apply to all of Despatch Cloud’s 52 UK and International integrated couriers.

Driffield, Yorkshire — With the news that Boris Johnson is pledging the UK to reduce carbon emissions by three-quarters of their 1990 levels by 2035, Yorkshire-based logistics software company Despatch Cloud is offering every client the chance to offset their carbon footprint through its new Carbon Neutrality scheme.

The scheme is in partnership with fully accredited carbon offsetting projects and utilises courier-focused calculation technology developed by Despatch Cloud that builds on top of the work done by project partners using official government figures for carbon calculation.

This service makes it easy for conscientious companies to offset carbon emissions at the time of courier label creation and works across Despatch Cloud’s full range of couriers.

Companies who use this offsetting service are able to choose the carbon offsetting projects they wish to work with, choices include; planting trees in the UK, forestation abroad, investment in wind and solar and much more.

Matthew Dunne, founder of Despatch Cloud, said of the scheme: ”We have always been very conscious that the logistics industry as a whole is a massive contributor to the UK’s carbon footprint, so we wanted to put our money where our mouth is and offer all our clients the option to help not only offset their carbon footprint but to even reduce it. The partnership has given us the chance to really get ahead of the curve in the logistics market and with the news coming out of No.10, there has never been a better time for every company who is using couriers to start doing something meaningful for the planet as a whole.”

Despatch Cloud are currently working towards becoming a fully carbon-neutral company themselves, including the carbon cost of their servers already being offset and a move to electric vehicles being used within the company; Despatch Cloud are also committing to a local tree planting initiative to plant 3,000 trees.