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Despatch Cloud is a full suite of order and stock management software, designed to streamline and automate your entire eCommerce platform, providing you with all of the tools necessary to grow your business across all of your marketplaces.

Digital scales, scanners and plugins

Save Time & Money With Plugins

Despatch Cloud is web-based and doesn't require any hardware. However getting the most out of Despatch Cloud can be done using accessories such as thermal printers, barcode scanners and digital scales.

Laser Barcode Scanner

Zap away with Laser Barcode scanners to save time and effort, typing in order numbers can be avoided by simply scanning the unique barcode generated with every new order.

Thermal Label Printing

Setting up and printing with Despatch Cloud is simple, Despatch Cloud uses shipping rules to determine the service required for the order and prints automatically upon dispatch. Most couriers provide FREE thermal label rolls*

Digital Parcel Scales

Save time with real-time parcel weighing, use digital scales to weigh your parcels as you despatch to automatically enter the weight straight into the system. Already have weights for your items? don't worry despatch cloud can automatically calculate weights based on items.

Digital scales, scanners and plugins

Use something we don't support?

Contact us with your enquiries, Despatch Cloud always put the customer first and our developers will always try to find a way to implement custom integrations to our growing list of support.
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* From experience Despatch Cloud knows that certain but not all couriers offer free thermal label rolls for use with their service.