Amazon Services Europe Integration

Amazon Services Europe is one of the largest delivery brands operating and dominating the European and international market. They are qualified as a trusted partner by many online retailers who use Amazon’s multiple sites and subsidiaries as they enable them to: 
    List their products and offerings and promote them 
    Provide courier services (same or different shipment services)
Online sellers, however, use multiple marketplaces and channels, and eventually, they use various courier services based on packages and offers provided or some other geographical considerations in order to achieve increased profitability and a superb customer experience. 
Managing these multiple couriers well is one of the key success factors in eCommerce but also might be a nightmare if not handled properly. To overcome this risk, we, at Courier API, provide you with the support needed to combine your integrations and manage them centrally. 
Courier API integrates effectively and seamlessly with your multi-channel eCommerce platforms and provides you with a bundle of benefits: 
    Reduce time: It allows you to speed up orders and significantly reduce the time to deliver consignments.
    Generate labels: Delivery labels can be formatted and set up for print automatically - either local or international.
    Responsive tracking: Tracking orders become far more responsive when delivery data can be tracked and managed at a touch of a button.
    Industry-recognised encryption services: Our system protects your business and our customers' data as standard through services built on servers certified across all the major industry standards including; SOC 1, Type II, SOC 2 Type II, ISO/IEC 27001, and PCI-DSS.
Find out how you can get the best benefit out of our Courier API to improve your relationship with Amazon Services Europe as well as dozens of other couriers.