What can you do with Helpdesk?

We believe that when it comes to customer support solutions, less is more. Customer service is an integral part of every business and your customer support agents’ time and effort should be dedicated to making your customers happy, not figuring out how to organise customer emails or how to use your customer support system. Helpdesk has all the essential functions you may need to run a smooth customer service process and to never miss important information.

However, Helpdesk does not only think of customer support agents’ comfort but also that of business owners. The transparent structure of Helpdesk allows re-assignment of issues in case one of your support agents take the day off and it ensures no communication goes unanswered. Similarly, it gives you insight into the performance of your agents so that you can assess the capacity of each one of your team members and make informed decisions when distributing tasks to your team.

Our Features

Helpdesk comes with all the essentials you may need to ensure your customer support is run seamlessly. To name a few:

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Ticket Management

Fed up of tickets going missed or even disappearing? Been there, done that. With its clean and simple user interface, comprehensive filters and teamwork-friendly structure, Helpdesk will save you from this nightmare by mainstreaming your customer communications from email, telephone, social media, webchat and many more into one single platform. Helping you keep all your customers and their communication in one place, Helpdesk helps your customer support agents cover more tickets in less time by letting them track and prioritise customer queries effectively to ensure they get resolved on time. You can also set SLAs for each priority level and make it accurate by specifying your working days and hours, which will have a positive reflection on the accuracy of your helpdesk reports.

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If speed is fundamental to your business and you’re racing against time, you’re going to love our automation system. Getting repetitive questions on the same matter or have many procedural messages you need to send out to let your customers know you received their message and are looking into it? In this case, canned responses which can be personalised based on channel, agent or account, just make life easier. Canned responses also allow you to enter variables in a message, so each time you send a message the system automatically personalises it for the relevant customer. If you have a systematic way of classifying your tickets, our ticket rules can help you take it one step further. Just teach our rules engine what to do with certain types of correspondence coming from a particular customer or email address once, and it will do it for you from that point on. To put it in an example, you can set emails coming from your enterprise-level customers to be automatically marked as urgent priority or you can ensure anything with “pricing” or “demo” in the subject line gets assigned to your sales team.

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The beauty of teamwork is that the more you let it flourish by providing it with the right tools the sweeter the fruits of it are. Helpdesk has got all your team needs to work together in harmony without colliding with each other’s work. Helpdesk makes sure that while one agent is typing a response to a ticket, the response field is disabled for all other agents. This way, you can avoid sending out duplicate responses and wasting multiple agents’ time on a single ticket. Customer service agents can also use private notes to let the team know what the latest on a ticket is - this is especially helpful when multiple agents are involved in the resolution process of an issue, so they can pass information along to each other under the relevant ticket.

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We believe reporting is one of the core requirements of a successful, corporate business and that with accountability comes professionalism. However, this may not always be easy to keep track of when you have a lot on to deal with. Helpdesk collects valuable data to give you a full understanding of your current customer support process and what aspects of it need to be improved. From the number of resolved tickets to that of the messages sent by each member of your team between certain dates, our system can give you various reports to show you the big picture and help you take the necessary steps to improve your internal processes.

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Although our Helpdesk was intended to be a perfect fit for all, we understand that there is no such thing as perfect and that every business’s needs are different. That is why we allow our customers to personalise their helpdesk to better match their requirements. Are you in a rush to go through all your tickets without losing time? Then the split view is for you because you can reply to tickets or leave notes without losing all the other tickets from your sight and expand only the necessary ones. Do you like to concentrate and take one ticket at a time? Then you’ll like our table view better. Is assigning priority levels or statuses not enough to organise your correspondence? Not to worry, as we let you give your tickets custom types of your choice. Talk to us today to find out more about our personalisation options.