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Fulfilment Software for 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) and Fulfilment Companies

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Despatch Cloud has a suite of products to work with third party logistics companies (3PL) and companies who provide fulfilment services.

  • Connect all your clients’ sales channels, to pull in orders and update statuses,
  • Keep clients’ stock synchronised across sales channels and with your warehouse,
  • Run an efficient fulfilment operations with all the orders in a single master hub,
  • Goods in software and purchase orders generation,
  • Offer a greater level of transparency to your customers and automatic reporting,
  • Automate billing of your clients with our flexible Billing API, billing software for 3PL.

Supporting More Sales Channels

We support more sales channels so you can compete for more businesses. See our full list of supported shopping carts and marketplaces here.

Connecting Lots of Couriers to Logistics Management Software

We are constantly adding new couriers to book deliveries and update tracking. See our full list here.Need more? Come and talk to us and we can see if we can support your needs.

Warehouse Management Software for Fulfilment

Using Despatch Cloud’s advanced warehouse management software, we can keep you efficient. Allowing paperless picking with our Android App and handheld scanners to advanced picking methodologies, we have a solution which suits you.

Billing Software for Third Party Logistics and Fulfilment

Billing for fulfilment is a complex process with so many billable actions. We have built Billing API to simplify and automate the billing for fulfilment and third party logistics (3PL). Integrating directly with Despatch Cloud’s software for third party logistics, it seamlessly creates transactions for each billing action you take and handles recurring payments automatically.


What is a third party logistics software?

Third Party Logistics (3PL) is where companies outsource many of their logistics operations to a third party. This may include fulfilment, delivery, kitting through to analytics and export services. Third party logistics software is the engine which makes the third party logistics run by processing orders, and managing inventory. Despatch Cloud offers third party logistics software.

Is there a fulfilment software for 3PL which supports kitting?

Despatch Cloud is able to support the kitting (grouping) of products including full inventory management to ensure your clients do not oversell. Maximise inventory turnover with kitting and Despatch Cloud.

How can a fulfilment software for 3PL help my company?

Software designed for, and built in a 3PL warehouse, Despatch Cloud is a powerful tool to help you maintain control and reporting of your operations. From easily connecting your clients’ sales channels, the transparent reporting though to the efficient paperless picking. Come and talk to us today and see how we can help.

Does Despatch Cloud Warehouse Management software support tote picking?

Yes, Despatch Cloud’s Warehouse Management solution allows for a number of picking methods including using totes (where multiple orders are picked simultaneously, directly into totes). With our mobile application we can do this paperless as well.

How can I bill fulfilment clients accurately?

If your software for 3PL does not contain a billing component, it will be a struggle to bill accurately given the number of operations which can generate bills for clients. With Despatch Cloud’s software for 3rd Party Logistics, we have a Billing API which can track every billable transaction.

Is there Fulfilment software which can handle goods in?

Despatch Cloud was designed in a fulfilment warehouse. Our fulfilment software is designed for how you work and includes automations to help speed up goods in. It also integrates with our 3PL billing software so you can accurately bill for your goods in.

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Stock Control

Keep your channels perfectly synced, when one channel sells a product Despatch Cloud will automatically update all your sales channels so you can never oversell.Learn More →


Stay on top of your workflow, monitor and display daily progress with a real-time order totals dashboard. Integrate with over 30+ couriers and sales channels.Learn More →


Closely monitor your business with our powerful reporting suite, see your outstanding orders, packing rates and despatch times. We fully support PowerBi by Microsoft.Learn More →


Manage all of your customer relations in one space, see all of your customers details and their previous orders from all your channels. Customise all your documentation with your brand.Learn More →