Visualise Your Data With Our PowerBI Plugin

If you want your reporting to be extra visual and intuitive, take advantage of our PowerBI plugin to make your data come to life with stunning visuals and customisable presentation to make it work the way you like it.

  • Prioritise the data that is important to you.
  • Better data utilisation leads to better decisions.

Know What Your Best Selling Products Are

Take a deep dive into what is selling best across your different channels, identify if a product sells better on one platform over another, and make better business decisions about your selling strategy.


Real-Time Stock Level Management

View your stock levels in real-time and understand the value of what’s in your warehouse to help you identify any stock that is taking up valuable space and not selling as you had hoped.


Custom Reporting of Your Customers

We assign a data point to almost everything in our database which allows us to build custom reports just for you. Talk to our team of reporting specialists who will work with you to understand what you need and how you want to see it to make Despatch Cloud work harder for you.


Analyse Historical Sales Data

View your previous sales data to understand how quickly stock is moving on your sales channels and use this data to predict how many days of stock you have remaining so that you can order in time and maintain your stock availability.

We Don’t Hold Back on Integrations



Financial Packages



Ensure you stay well-informed about your business with our advanced reporting software. By analysing your business data, including order history and stock requirements, our reporting software is well equipped to help you understand your business better. Comprehend your businesses’ data with minimal effort using our reporting software which utilises clear visuals and customisable presentation.

Our reporting software ensures that you are able to make informed business decisions which will lead to increased sales and greater success. This tool gathers data across a range of sources and organises it in a way that is easily comprehended. Access data which identifies your best selling products, stock levels and previous sales. Using our reporting software you can use the data to improve your selling strategy, identify products that aren’t selling and predict stock requirements. You can even customise our reporting software to build reports directed at your specific business requirements.