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Know What Your Best Selling Products Are

Primary suppliers become the go-to for that particular product and we’ll let your staff know, even when you are not around, who they should be ordering from in order of preference.


Real-Time Stock Level Management

Set trigger levels in your inventory to alert you that you need to order more stock, and using our inventory days report you can work out how many days’ stock you have left based on historic trends. This feature will also build a suggested number of units to order, so you can take away the guesswork and use science to order more confidently.


Fully Customisable Invoices

All invoices are completely customisable and are in a .tpl format which you can edit yourself if you are that way inclined. If you are not sure how to do it yourself, talk to our team of customisation experts who can quote you on your requirements.

PDF Download

PDF Order Choices

Orders can be printed to PDF or emailed via PDF depending on your preferences – the choice is yours.

Ecommerce Store

Store Product Information With Multiple Suppliers at Once

Our system allows you to store the information for multiple suppliers of the same product and then to set your preference as the primary supplier. You can assign costs to each supplier for units and shipping and the software will calculate the best supplier to order those items from.


Delivery Management

Schedule deliveries with your suppliers and book them into the deliveries calendar so that you don’t overwhelm the warehouse staff with more deliveries than they can handle. Spread the inbound traffic evenly over the week and let suppliers know when it is convenient for you to accept consignments.

We Don’t Hold Back on Integrations



Financial Packages



Our purchasing software makes purchasing easier and more efficient by bringing all your purchasing needs to one accessible space. You can view stock inventory, receive recommendations for how many units to order and customise your invoices for ultimate ease when purchasing. Use our purchasing software to streamline your payment processes so that you can concentrate on growing your business.

Manage your business spending with ease using our streamlined purchasing software. This software gives you easy access to crucial information regarding your stock, orders and spending. We will give your staff insights into your businesses’ order preferences, including who is the go-to for that particular product. Our purchasing software will alert you to stock shortages, advising you on how many days stock you have left based on order history and suggesting how many units you should order so you can make informed purchasing decisions. Using our purchasing software you can even customise your own invoices print or email orders in pdf format.