Order Management

eCommerce Order Management Software

Despatch Cloud’s state-of-the-art system connects to all popular sales channels including eBay, Amazon, Shopify and more. However, where we save you some real time and fuss is having all your orders automatically syncing to our system every 30 minutes. Whether you are selling a t-shirt on eBay or electronics on Amazon, you don’t need to worry as they will appear like magic allowing you to filter by channel and destination, putting you in control.

  • 30+ Sales channel integrations, and growing
  • Order Syncing

Smart Order Search

Searching in Despatch Cloud is simple and fast, and you can search by almost any order related identifier from customer name to carrier name and, of course, order number. We love data and if we have it stored against an order, chances are you can search for it.


Automatic Carrier Assigning

Our advanced rules engine allows you to automate the order process by assigning carriers to relevant product types and weights, making the shipping process simple and quick. If you want to ensure that Shopify orders go with Royal Mail and eBay go with DPD, or even if one particular SKU has to go with a particular carrier, it is all possible.

Note Writing

Order Notes + Attachments

You can attach order notes or files to orders, allowing a user in one area of the business to add information required for later in the process. This is really handy for bespoke packing slips or commercial invoices that customers have submitted.


Simple Order Copying

Need to resend an order that has been misplaced? This couldn’t be easier with our order copy function allowing you to copy with or without the original products, meaning you can regenerate an order in a few seconds and have it back on its way in minutes.

Customise Your Experience With MyView

We understand that not all users want to see the same information and that’s why we have designed MyView. This allows each user to customise their own experience with Despatch Cloud to view the information that is important to them. Customer support and admin users may have very different needs to middle and senior management and the data you want to see on orders will vary. MyView lets you customise your view using our predefined templates or lets you save your own view – the choice is yours.


Bulk View - Easy Item Manipulation

If you need to change multiple items at once, you can do this with the Bulk View feature. For instance, if you need to change a carrier for a bulk of items outside your normal rules, this can be done in a few quick clicks.


Google Calendar Reminders

Reminders can also be set in Google Calendar to allow you to set up tasks to be completed on certain days, i.e., to send out goods to a particular supplier where they have to be booked in or to check stock for a particular customer who wants that extra mile service.


Quick Order Entry

Sometimes an order comes in via the phone or an email and needs to be integrated into the system quickly. If the customer already exists in the system, it’s as easy as finding them and clicking the new order button, adding the SKUs and choosing a shipping method. If they don’t exist, our postcode lookup will get the job done in a few seconds.


Integrated Payment Gateway

Manual orders will need paying for outside of a sales channel, so we have payment gateway integrations to allow you to accept credit card payments over the phone and update our system to get that order on its way.

We Don’t Hold Back on Integrations



Financial Packages



Our order management software provides efficient order processing solutions in order to automate your operations and ensure that orders from all sales channels can be viewed and managed in a single space. Use our ecommerce order management software to integrate multiple sales channels so that you never miss a sales opportunity and avoid overselling on stock you don’t have. Manage your multi-channel orders with a new-found ease and set the standard for efficient retail operations.

Our order management software allows you to take complete control of your orders across all of your businesses’ sales channels in order to maintain maximum efficiency. This advanced system integrates with leading ecommerce platforms and online marketplaces so that your order data can be automatically synced to our system. Our order management solution then enables you to quickly allocate any orders using the smart order search feature and to customise what our software shows you with MyView.