Inventory Control

SKU Linking and Management

Auto Link allows our inventory system to interrogate your sales stores and find links between SKUs to match them up. It will also alert you to any mismatches in SKUs, so you can resolve them quickly.


Sell Bundles/Packs on Your Sales Channels

Groups are easily created to allow multiple SKUs to be associated with one master SKU, allowing you to sell bundles and packs on your sales channels and leaving the system to work out what needs to be picked.


Easily Transfer Your Stock to Despatch Cloud

Transferring your stock to our system couldn’t be simpler and can be done in one of two ways: either as an import form your old system, which is perfect if you sell across multiple channels, or if you only have one channel, let us download the data directly from there.


In-Depth Product Information

You can populate many fields within the inventory item with regulars such as barcode, weight and dimensions but you can also add image files/links, commodity codes and batch numbers. We have over 20 data points that can be edited for each item to help you generate the information that you require to run smoothly.


Live Stock Syncing Between All Your Sales Channels

We believe the most important thing for an inventory system is to make sure you don’t sell what you don’t have, and this is achieved by pushing live stock data back to your sales channels simultaneously to make sure that can’t happen. As soon as an item is sold, it is reserved in our system, meaning it cannot be sold again unless that order is cancelled and that sale is communicated throughout your sales channels.


Stay Ahead With Smart Stock Alerts

Warning! – your stock is low! While this is a message no one wants to see, it’s important you know when stock is getting low and we let you set stock alerts per SKU so you can be ahead of the game when you are starting to run out.


Batch and Lot Numbering

FIFO is important to any business whether it be clothing or perishable goods, you want the oldest stock to go out of the door first so you can add batch and lot numbers to your goods in process, allowing you to keep on top of stock rotation.


Recomended Purchase Orders

Recommended purchase orders will be made available to you based on historical sales data and supplier location so that you can plan to order goods just in time to arrive as older stock is running low, freeing up time and warehouse space.


Streamline Your Picking Process

Assign multiple bins to your stock, leaving pickable stock at the optimum part of your warehouse and keeping the extra stock at a higher, non-pickable level for when it’s required, making picking and packing quicker and more productive.

We Don’t Hold Back on Integrations



Financial Packages


Inventory Symbol

It is difficult to practice good inventory management when you are juggling multiple sales channels. Fortunately, our inventory management software makes managing your inventory across multiple online platforms easy. Using our inventory control software you can sync your stock across all sales channels in real-time to ensure that you don’t sell what you don’t have.

Our inventory control software provides a one-stop solution for managing your stock for multiple sales channels. It provides automatic inventory updates to all your channels simultaneously so that you always know how much stock you have. It combines this with stock alerts and recommended purchase orders so you know when your inventory is running low and when to order new stock in. This means that you will never sell a product without having it in your inventory. Our software also streamlines your picking process by keeping stock in optimum areas of the warehouse, making it less time consuming and more productive. Batch and lot numbering allows you to ensure that the older stock gets picked first so that you can stay in control of stock rotation.