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Despatch Cloud has a full integration for Bluepark, making Bluepark work seamlessly with other websites, market places, couriers and accounting packages.

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About Bluepark

Bluepark is a UK-based software development company, specialising in ecommerce software which enables its customers to build and maintain their own fully-hosted online shops where they can sell products, services or digital downloads.

Bluepark offers a multitude of features and options, without the need of costly plugins, to make your online shop work efficiently and sell more. With Bluepark, you can easily customise your design, showcase your products, manage payments, delivery and reordering, send email newsletters, list products on eBay and keep your accounts in order.

About Despatch Cloud’s Blue Park Integration

Despatch Cloud’s full integration with Bluepark allows any orders placed by a customer on a Bluepark online shop to be automatically pulled into Despatch Cloud, ensuring all orders whether they are from Bluepark or another website or a marketplace platform are processed from a single system.

Many retailers sell their products and services not just on their own websites, but also on multiple online sales platforms. Working with Despatch Cloud, Bluepark becomes integrated with Amazon, eBay, and Fruugo, to name a few, making order processing for Bluepark efficient and simple.

Stock synchronisation for Bluepark becomes easy with Despatch Cloud, with a full automated process to keep Bluepark and all other sales channels updated. This means that, when you sell a particular item on your Bluepark shop, the stocks of that item on other sites such as Amazon and eBay are reduced simultaneously, eliminating oversale.

Using Despatch Cloud means that Blue Park intergrates with multiple couriers such as Royal Mail, Hermes, Yodel and DHL. For example, if you want to book out a parcel with DHL you can use our service to do that, instead of logging onto the DHL website.

The Bluepark courier integration using Despatch Cloud makes your business more efficient, saving your time and money.

Our advanced rules engines automate the courier selection, based on the destination country, parcel weight, size or speed of delivery.

Despatch Cloud also helps manage your business accounting. All sales data can be sent to your accounting software making Bluepark integrate with Xero, Sage One and Microsoft Dynamics NA, ensuring a streamlined and efficent accounts process.

In short, Despatch Cloud automates your entire Bluepark ecommerce operation, providing you with the tools necessary to lower costs, grow your business, and boost your sales.

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Stock Control

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