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Why you should advertise on Facebook
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There is an old joke that marketers like to use which says “I know that half the money I spend on advertising is wasted but I don’t know which half”. This feeling is very predominant when it comes to advertising on Facebook because it is relatively known and a lot of people don’t understand how it works. We have compiled a list of seven things you should know about Facebook advertising. Take a look and see if this isn’t right for you and your business.

1. Reach a Wide Audience

If it seems like everyone has a Facebook account that is because almost everyone does have a Facebook account. Facebook’s one billion users are really a marketers dream. This is a huge audience all gathered in one place for you. With this many people it is hard to imagine that you have a product or service that couldn’t be marketed through Facebook.

2. An Interactive Marketing Opportunity

Facebook is social by nature which means that it gives you the opportunity to truly interact with customers. You can get feedback, ideas and true conversations going about your product and/or services.

3. Targeted Ads

Demographic targeting is a basic staple of all media marketing. Traditional media like broadcast and print all rely on key demographic indicators to sell their ad space. Facebook has the same ability. However, Facebook also has the ability to target specific personal interests. You can place your ads for people interested in Star Wars or camping or backyard grilling. The list is endless and it is entirely up to you to target your ads.

4. Established Search Engine Ranking

Since Google seems to be at odds with Facebook from time to time you would think they might punish Facebook in the search engine rankings. However, the truth is that Facebook is a great website to use if you want to rank for certain key phrases. You can get tremendous search engine traffic by posting on Facebook.

5. Simple Process to Create Ads

Some other media sources could learn from how easy it is to make a Facebook ad including an image! It really is a point and click program with a very few steps. Once you format your first ad you can use it as a template for future ads. You can also easily test different ad variations to see what brings you the best results.

6. You Control Your Content

As with any advertising platform there are guidelines to follow. However, if you aren’t trying to do something or say something outrageous you won’t run into problems like you do with other ad platforms over things like quality scores etc. Ads are generally very easily approved and you have control over how you run your ads.

7. Support for Ad Creation

If for some reason you run into troubles with your ad submission Facebook does offer support through an online contact form. You shouldn’t need to use it but it is there if you need it. It takes a day or so to hear something back.

Advertising on Facebook has numerous benefits, especially when you factor in how much potential it has. Why waste money advertising where you can get little return for your efforts? With a website like Facebook, you get exposure and simplicity.