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Does your delivery policy deliver?
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Delivery in the world of commerce and retail is a major selling point and competitive segregator in the world of multi-channel retail but is one which requires the correct balance of delivery options to meet both retailer and the customer’s needs.

Delivery used to be a great annoyance to retailers, aggravated by their inability to control the final delivery stage to their customers. They were left at the mercy of their courier services who, quite often, were not up to speed with digital options and who handled their customers in an out-of-date way. Today, new technology and up-to-date systems have changed this service, and if it’s carried out in the correct manner, can offer the retailer major competitive benefits. It does, however, still involve a balance that benefits both parties, retailers need to control costs yet still acquire the sale, yet customers need the convenience of a hassle-free and reliable delivery.

Supporting a full range of multi-channel delivery services.

By engaging a multi-channel delivery platform, such as Despatch Cloud, you are positioning your company’s control and influence to its main advantage. Enriched customer experience produces the opportunity for your business to increase its sales performance figures, while expanding time-saving processes.

Retail businesses are required to take on board a varied range of delivery options to ensure the most convenient delivery options and at the same time providing the most cost-effective solutions. There are an abundance of delivery options available, from free delivery, 2-4 hour delivery slots, next day, 48 hour, with some retailers even offering a click and collect service from various locations or in store. Our eCommerce software, Despatch Cloud provides your business with the following delivery benefits:

  1. 1. Vigorous identification of delivery channels
  2. 2. Creating and delivering vital communications
  3. 3. Automated shipping – liaising with over 17 courier services
  4. 4. Despatch Cloud system is easily tailored to suit individual businesses
  5. 5. Collated stock delivery reports

Companies that fail to meet customer demands in this multi-channel environment are at risk of damaging customer allegiance, destroying their brand and losing repeat business. On-line customers are using social media, reviews and blogs to share their negative experiences. Many potential customers can be put off by one single, adverse tweet.

Organisations must excel at their delivery service, by whatever channel a customer opts for. Remember the old adage, “the digital customer is always right”.