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Despatch Cloud Version 3.5 is Here!
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Stop the press and pay attention! The eagerly anticipated version 3.5 has arrived and is being rolled out to all our customers. “So what?” I hear you cry, well let me tell you all the updated features and tweaks we have in this version and I'll let you make your own mind up.

Improved Stock Management

We now have a better way of managing your stock across all your marketplaces and sales channels. All channel activities and stock management processes are now being handled by our brand new product Channel API: created using the latest programming technologies to ensure you have everything you need to keep up with increasing demand in the eCommerce industry.

Say Bye-Bye to Overselling

Alongside our stock management updates through our new connection between Despatch Cloud and Channel API, getting your stock updates are now quicker than ever. We understand how overselling may be an issue for fast-selling businesses - especially if you are selling across multiple stores and channels. Our new stock updates system ensures your stock levels are synchronised across all your sales channels and marketplaces within less than a minute of the sale, minimising the risk of overselling.

Order Rules

Who doesn’t love a set of rules to govern everything? Well, in V3.5 we have some rules you will definitely enjoy, and we are excited to tell you all about it. Order Rules allow you to automate your orders even before they are placed. You can decide what happens to your orders under what conditions. For instance, you might want to assign a special shipping service to orders placed by specific customers or add a bespoke label to orders coming from a certain sales channel. This functionality also comes in handy when you make special promotions such as when a customer buys a product on a certain date, you can set the rules to send them another product as a gift.

Shipping Rules

We have greatly improved the shipping rules to be much more efficient and streamlined. V3.5 calculates the pieces and dimensions in your order and assigns the best matching shipping service on the fly. This will ensure a smoother and quicker order processing, eliminating timeout issues or having to go back and manually select services due to wrongly assigned shipping methods. So you can concentrate on the running of your business instead of worrying over courier choices.

Automated Purchase Orders

Imagine if you had an order processing software that kept track of your supply level and made sure your stock never goes below zero. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Well, now you do. With V3.5, you can automate your purchase order creation by telling the system when and under what circumstances you want to be alerted to low stock levels. The system will create your purchase orders based on the rules you set (i.e quantity, supplier etc.) and at that point, you can decide which supplier to place your order with. Now, how about that for a time-saving solution!

Renewed Filters

Finally, in our bag of updates and tricks, you will notice that V3.5 comes with a much more comprehensive and efficient set of filters. The improved UI design and smart filter groups ensure you have a better view of what exactly your search is filtered by and adjust your parameters quickly and easily.